The Reborn Project team love bringing existing dwellings from as early as the Victorian homes, Edwardians, Californian Bungalow, Post War, Art Deco, and to the more recent homes in the late 1900s back to life.

With the cost of stump duty to purchase a new property been around 7%, a lot of our clients find an extension can work out very cost effective compared to moving into something new and paying that stamp duty again, which in same cases can cover an entire extension.

Ask us today about our design and build services, we can make the most with what you have and design it to be the most practical way to build to save you valuable time and money.

We have many past and present extensions from the Williamstown area to the Northern suburbs of Melbourne areas and the like, feel free to contact myself,  Joe, to arrange a site inspection for some inspiration or to see first hand our workmanship and also get to know our passion to help you, our clients achieve their dream.